In 2018, the construction sector in Chile employed more than 700 thousand people, making this industry one of the fundamental pillars of growth in Chile. Safeguarding their safety, as well as bringing health and well-being closer to the workers in this sector is one of Solutions Group's main objectives, as we have the ideal technology and solutions to help this industry operate as safely and efficiently as possible.


Solutions Group, through its vertical Ubiquity Solutions, has provided the most important retail companies in our country with technological solutions that make their processes more efficient and improve the customer experience, thus helping to build loyalty and attract new users. Ubiquity Solutions specializes in delivering operations and contact optimization solutions for the "B2C" structures of large corporations.

Finantial Services

Solutions Group through its financial vertical, Global Management Solutions delivers a comprehensive service in international trade, for small, medium and large companies.
We are committed to providing our clients with a quality service, where savings, speed, transparency, optimization and personalized service are our most important values.


Currently, through our vertical Medical Solutions, we bring quality health to people, delivering a fast, economical, and highly reliable service. In this way, thanks to its product Medismart, Medical Solutions provides a solution to the shortage of health specialists in Chile and other countries and helps people to have reliable diagnoses, while providing a complete service, from the care itself, to the distribution of medicines, as well as subsequent monitoring.